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What You'll Learn Inside of 

The NICHE Social Media Funnel Masterclass:

Part 1: How to Niche Down to Make More in YOUR INDUSTRY

In this section, I'll give you a full, 10,000 foot overview of why becoming a "specialist" in your industry is the fastest path to making more money in your business. We'll also talk about why being a "fit for everyone" is the fastest path to struggling in your business.

What You'll Learn in this Section:

  • Why Most Small Businesses Are Struggling Right Now: I'll walk you through the #1 reason why most small businesses are struggling right now and how one simple decision can help you avoid being one of them.
  • Why you Must Become a "Niche Specialist": I'll show you exactly why becoming a "specialist" in your field is the key to success and how it makes marketing your business online infinitely easier.
  • The "3 Layers Down Method": I'll walk you through the simple exercise that you can use to find your specialty and use it to make your marketing more viral and engaging.

Part 2: What is Your Jaw Dropping Offer?

In this section, I'm going to walk you through one of the most powerful concepts in online marketing, the "Jaw Dropping Offer". This concept is the core of how we bring in new customers to businesses on a regular basis. PLEASE NOTE: This is something most business owners don't fully understand. Because of that, they usually do this wrong and it results in terrible results.

What You'll Learn in this Section:

  • What is a Jaw Dropping Offer (JDO)?: I'll give you an inside look into the secret weapon that has helped our client's businesses explode. Once you understand this concept (and how to use it in your own business), you'll never again worry about getting new customers through your door.
  • Why all your marketing should be aimed at your Jaw Dropping Offer: Most businesses struggle with running promotions because they are always looking for the next big thing to talk about in their marketing. I'll show you exactly why all your marketing should be pointed at this one "year-round" promotion.
  • How to come up with a unique Jaw Dropping Offer: I'll show you how to create your own jaw dropping offer that brands your business as unique, while giving people an excuse to try you out. 
  • How to use "Free" without unique Jaw Dropping Offer: when you learn how to use "free or discounted" offers without hurting the value of your service, you can drive a steady stream of new business 24/7. I'll show you exactly how to do that inside.

Part 3: How to Build a "New Customer Machine"

In this section, you'll get an in-depth view of how we use the "Jaw Dropping Offer" to create a simple, 2-page website that will fill your business with new customers. 

What You'll Learn in this Section:

  • What is a New Customer Machine: One of the most powerful marketing tactics on the planet is putting a great offer in front of the right people... using the internet. I'll show you the exact 2 webpages that we use to do that for our clients (copy these and use them for your own business).
  • The Magnetic Email Optin Page: I want to show you the exact page that we use to get our ideal customers to put in their information to get an offer from us. Using this simple page will allow you to immediately start grabbing leads off the internet.
  • The "Do it Now" Payoff Page: This is the page they see after they put in their information on the opt-in page. This page is designed to get them to immediately pick up the phone and call your business to "claim the deal".
  • The Text and Email Followup Sequence: I'll walk you through the exact automated reply sequence that we use to ensure that our prospective new customers actually follow through on claiming their deal.
  • What Your Staff Should be Doing: The secret to the "new customer machine" is getting your staff to support it and to follow up with potential leads quickly. I'll show you exactly what your staff should be doing to up your conversion.

Part 4: Getting Your Offer in front of Your Target Audience

In this section, you'll learn exactly how to get your "new customer machine" in front of your ideal consumers. This will give you the ability to put your unique offer in front of the right people 24/7 (the secret to exploding your business using the internet).

What You'll Learn in this Section:

  • How to get Traffic with Facebook: I'll walk you through the entire process of setting up a new Facebook ad to power your "New Customer Machine" pages. This is the final piece needed to drive a steady stream of ideal customers into your business.
  • Full behind-the-scenes setup of a Facebook Ad: You'll get a full, behind-the-scenes, walkthrough of how to set up the Facebook ad for your business and how it works to drive customers to your "New Customer Machine" online funnel.
  • How much to budget daily for your ad: The great thing about the "New Customer Machine" is that it will be some of the cheapest marketing you've ever done for your business (even though it's more effective than the things you're probably already spending your money on).
  • How to target your ads to the perfect prospects: I'll walk you through the secrets to targeting your ideal customers on Facebook. This ensures that you're not wasting any of your marketing budget targeting the wrong kinds of people.

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